Located in the middle of mainland Greece, the vineyards of Central Greece, with extensive holdings in the grape-growing areas of Thessalia and Continental Greece, account for 32% of the Greek vineyards and 29% of winemaking facilities, many of which include infrastructure suitable for hosting visitors. This fact, in combination with the broad range of native and foreign grape varieties in cultivation and the numerous wines of all types that are produced, render wine tourism in Central Greece particularly interesting.

Central Greece is a travel destination for all seasons and with a variety of points of interest. The imposing mountain masses that are typical of the landscape are mainly wintertime tourist destinations, offering a number of opportunities for walking and hiking, trekking, rock climbing and skiing, while the extensive coastline is a pole of attraction for summer visitors. Apart from the natural environment, which draws visitors year-round, wine tourism in Central Greece is highly recommended due to the long history of the area, where vineyards and wine were part of life as far back as prehistoric times. The important archaeological and architectural monuments that testify to its history and the notable museums that highlight it offer many opportunities for cultural tourism. The numerous and select food products of the area, with an emphasis on meat and dairy products, in combination with the great variety of local flavours and recipes, will lend the essential gastronomic dimension to any visit.

Whether Thessalia or Continental Greece is the choice for wine tourism in Central Greece, enjoyment is guaranteed.