The Museum of bread is a Museum, whose central theme, the bread, considered in relation to the local history, society, tradition, customs and local culture developed due to geographical location, climate and the development of agricultural technology.

The report instead to once again appears as a sophisticated repository of the past, following in the footsteps of modern museum policy with clear educational character.

Each object, acquires his identity and becomes a witness of the activities of local society. The rich collection of pre-existing Folklore Association “the Hearth”, Dadiotiki with household utensils, textiles, embroideries, costumes, bread etc., formed the core of the exhibits that have been selected as representative witnesses of its rich cultural heritage.

The Museum’s permanent exhibition presents the circle of bread (from seed in flour), the cultivation, collection, production, count and grinder. It also presents the circle of bread (from the flour in bread), preparation, manufacture and moulding, decoration and firing.

The exhibition is supplemented with two sections:

  • To Bread the human cycle (birth, marriage, death)
  • The bread in the circle of time (Christmas, Easter, Reaping, etc.)

Finally, reference is made to the bread in the everyday life of Amfiklia. While the narrative character of the exhibition allows specific references such as this for the Isiodio plow and the ritual bread.

Rich variety of breads in various sizes, shapes and embossed designs, in which it seems clear the leading role in everyday, social and religious life of the Dadioy.

Museum opening hours Bread & Professions

November to March: Saturday and Sunday 10: 00-15: 00

April to October: Saturday and Sunday 11: 00-16: 00

For visiting group, schools and clubs you can contact 22340 23044