In the Central Greece you can find some of the most important springs in the country.Those waters have high quality,without   industrial waste water. The most famous thermal springs water are located in Kamena Vourla,Thermopylai,Ypati and also in Ekkara.Also in Platystomo,Kaitsa and Palaiografos.

Kamena Vourla

iamatikes-kamenaThe springs come from the geological changes of Maliokos gulf and Kallidromos-Knimida mountain and they contain metals,salts and radonio(Kallidromos springs). The waters are leading in to water therapy areas ,”Ippokratis” and “Asklipios”,equipped with all spa facilities.The waters are appropriate against rheumatism, arthritis and vascular.



Ipati’s springs

ipatiThe water come out from 18 meters of depth,is HS-Cl-Na,the tempera is about the same of human body (33,5 C).Next to the spring operates a full equipped spa.






Ekkara’s thermal spring

The Ekkara s thermal spring is located at Thessaliotida s munipacity,between Ekkara and Gavrakia.In this spot the waters emerging  fom 4 springs with HS.The waters are perfect for spa.