The Folklore Museum of Fthiotida is part of the Museum Bureau of the corresponding intendancy of the Municipality of Lamia and was founded in 1984. It displays folklore exhibits of great value that help the visitor reconstruct the picture of the goods and of the daily routine in the pre-industrial society. On the first floor , occupations of the historic period before the Industrial Revolution are displayed such as that of the Farmer, the Stock Breeder, the Tinker, the Shoemaker, the Goldsmith etc. From those professions some have been eradicated while other are still maintained in a completely different form concerning the means and the ways of production. The second displays exhibits that shed light on the daily life such as garments of different locations both for men and women, the loom, the bridal bedroom, the fireplace and the cooking utensils of the traditional home. The Folklore Museum of Fthiotida organizes tours conducted by specialized staff for students of every educational level.

Time periods: Newer modern Greece

Boundaries: Municipality of Lamia – Municipal Section of Lamia, Local Community of Lamia

Transportation: Bus to the city center

Parking: Parking not available (pedestrian)

Work hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 14:00

Authority: Municipality of Lamia

General informations: Kaliva – Bakoyianni 6 35100 Lamia Phone: 22310 37832 Fax. 22310 37832 E-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Area: Lamia

Accessibility for the disabled: Yes

Cost: Free entrance